Tuesday, July 12, 2016

GAFE : Google Drawing

When I introduced Google Applications with my Grade 6 students, it was met with great enthusiasm! By the end of the year, they were experts in using Google Docs, Google Slides (Online Powerpoint), Google Classroom and the benefits of Google Drive.

A few months into the school year, I showed them how to use Google Documents to write out assignments and charts. In fact, one of the first assignments they had to complete for me was to filling in a chart with their name and topic of interest for a project. I 'shared' the file with every student and they simultaneously added their information. 

The next assignment I gave them was to write their short story on Google Docs. Each of them created their own file and 'shared' it with me. Even if they weren't complete their story, I asked them to share it; this allowed me to see their working documents and provide them feedback.

This September, I would like to introduce them to Google Drawing. I was given an ICT AQ assignment to create a classroom map and it was really use-friendly! The gridlines allow you to align your objects and shapes. I could see this being a great tool for tables and mind maps. 


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